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beginning the blog

I am sitting here at my desk in downtown Toronto in front of the buzzing little box, contemplating this new outlet, tool, gift – the capability of opening my life and my heart to anyone on the planet who also has a buzzing little box. One of the unimaginable joys of the twenty-first century, this instant connection – a world of billions that feels like a village of buzzing boxes. I love it. Hello to you all.

I’m feeling shy now – as if I’ve danced onto the stage and pulled open the curtain and am startled that there’s an audience there, waiting for words.

But maybe there isn’t, and I can just go on talking to myself and only myself as I have in my diaries for the past forty-five years.

I guess I’ll find out if you’re out there or not. Buzzing.

Do I sign off? Over and out, for now.



3 Responses to “beginning the blog”

  1. MamaBlog says:

    They are out there and, more importantly, they are reading! Congratulations on diving into the bloggy abyss not to mention the flight of the “albatross”.

    Six years ago when I signed up for “Journeys in Personal Essay” at Ryerson, I had no idea of the stories I would find in my “suitcase”. Through your encouragement, I learned to unpack the top items, dig deeper for rich nuggets and then crack them open.

    Today, I’m still writing. Just now, I’m doing it from the East Coast, not the West End.

    I miss the warmth of your kitchen wood stove and the glorious company of the Tuesday night writers. Congratulations again and thank you for everything. With you in spirit. Debbie Girl

  2. Unknown says:

    Beth,woderful site–the pics of you are excellent-if possible,I am going to include one of me-cant make it work,will send one by email

  3. Your words are so humourous , make me smile a lot. you are look gorgeous as the picture show ( do i guess wrong ?)

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