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blowing own horn, #6794

Snow gone, sun shining. An email arrived today from a student in the U of T class that ended on Monday. It could not have come at a better time, as I nursed my tiny bruised ego, now completely healed. None of that petty stuff – who’s teaching what when, who’s famous, who’s the best at this or that – none of that matters in comparison with the joyful contact in a classroom, that’s of such mutual benefit. I am glad and grateful to have work I love and nothing to complain about. So there.

And, incidentally, I didn’t get to the Great Wall of Cheese – there was a line-up waiting to get in. To Loblaw’s! It does look like a splendid palace of food, that’s for sure. But not palatial enough to line up for.

Here, if you’ll forgive me, is the note from my student:

Thank you for the course. My writing really benefitted … and that’s exactly what I was after.

You are a wonderful teacher. I have a PhD in Adult Education and several years university teaching experience, so I know good teaching when I see it. I also know excellence — and that is you.

You are inspired, inspiring, fun, warm, extremely knowledgeable, and you share your knowledge and passion freely.You are generous in all things, including inviting us to meet Wayson Choy (which was such a delight — another master teacher and master writer).

Importantly, you are a masterful summarizer of each of our stories, getting to the heart of them. This makes your editing suggestions and critiques supportive, helpful, and in my opinion, right on the money.

In short, I couldn’t have asked for a better class nor a better teacher. I took a chance on you by looking at the passion and professionalism of your website, and it paid off for me, in spades.



2 Responses to “blowing own horn, #6794”

  1. Lyn says:

    How wonderful Beth. Is there anything better than hoping you make a difference, and hearing that you do?

  2. beth says:

    No, nothing better, Lyn – and I only had to pay her $1000 for her words of praise!

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