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This week reminded me why I’m glad no longer to be an actress – when you’re sick in show biz, you still have to do the show. Sick schmick, on you go. Once I had the worst flu, had to go onstage and merrily sing and dance and then lie down just offstage, shivering with fever. Teaching – not so much.

On Sunday evening, I thought I was going to have to cancel my upcoming classes. I had a heaving stomach and a band of pain behind my eyes that left me unable to read. My friends JM and Richard came over to watch Downton, took one look at me and turned around to go home.

When Downton came on, I almost couldn’t watch. But also couldn’t miss it. So I lay on the sofa under many blankets and turned it on. Became completely absorbed – the Russian revolution, that annoying Bolshie teacher again, the tedious Bates story, poor frantic Anna, the nice new ladies’ maid, poor sad Edith, racy Mary, stuffy Lord Grantham and his wife the naughty Cora, O the seductive power of Italian art … Laughed out loud at the last scene, Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager, those two superb actresses – and turning it off, realized that my head and stomach felt fine.

Was I cured by fine British drama? Or was it the 2 aspirin I took before the show? Whatever, it was a miracle.

So I got through the big class Monday night and the smaller advanced class this afternoon with no problem, because I love my job and was happy to see all those faces and get on with the work. But now that teaching is over for now, I have collapsed in bed. It’s rest time.

Here’s the link to a wonderful article in the NYT that proves writing about your life makes you happier – something I’ve known since starting my first diary at the age of nine.

And a link to an exciting announcement: the Moth storytelling event is finally coming to Toronto. I’ve managed to catch it twice in NYC and am thrilled it’s going to be here. Except – two big caveats: the host is one of their American regulars, not a local person – I sure hope the storytellers will be from here. And it’s expensive – $45 if you’re not a member of the Bloor Cinema. In the States it’s ten bucks. Why are we paying far more? Phooey.

The Moth is a great addition to the city. Hope they find a local host and drop the price, then my excitement will be unmitigated.

More soup.



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