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Weeding out the reefer madness:
Smoke dope with your adult kids?  A question faced by many a baby
boomer. (July 9, 2004)
Stranger on a train:
When divorce is new, it can be like a third person in a conversation.
(Nov. 23, 1999)
The warrior and his mother:
Why this ugly, violent, expensive game?  Is it part of the combat
involved in being a man? (Jan. 8, 1999)
Farewell, little inner-city school: My kids are not overburdened with old-fashioned learning,
but they know a lot about diversity, flexibility, tolerance and caution,
about coping in a complex, fast-moving world. (May 4, 1998)
The garden of delight:
I was the most reluctant horticulturist. Then I met Dorothy, an Englishwoman
with a thumb as green as they come. (July 23, 1998)
Chilling and Puking:
Often it seemed I was living with a heedless stranger, when it was
really my beloved daughter.  Such is the tsunami called adolescence.
(Aug. 6, 1998)
The bearable unfairness of life: Don kept asking for time with family and friends, free
bus service for everyone in a wheelchair, a group home with a fireplace
and a cat.  And that is what he has. (Oct. 13, 1997)

GLOBE & MAIL, Lives Lived (obituaries submitted
in late 2006)

Donald George Dobie
Edgar “Red” Dobie


Touring: Fresh
Air, read live-to-air before a live audience (April 19, 1998)
This Morning (May 22, 1998)
Christmas Pageant:
Tapestry (Dec. 21, 2003)
Beatles Ed Sullivan Anniversary:
Broadcast in syndication (Feb. 9, 2004)


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11, 1999)
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profiles a success story. Today’s Parent (Nov. 1994)
Family Kaplan
A writer comes to terms with her famous ancestor and her
half-Jewish self. Pakn Treger (Fall 2004)