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The Great Reset nonsense

The great news today: Eli and Ben insisted on going back to school this morning, and their friends and teachers were overjoyed to see them. Their mother is nervous about the lack of proper preparedness at the school but cannot deny the value of a quiet, briefly empty apartment. Life returns. Slowly. Thank you lord. 

Saturday night’s magic: Annie and Ruth over for dinner and to listen to my Mike Nichols and Elaine May double album. What a pleasure to be with two dear friends, get out a record, wipe it off carefully, put it on the turntable, and laugh till the tears run. I have a ton of wonderful records, classical and otherwise, and don’t listen to them often enough. Must rectify that. 

My son came over to cook me a delicious dinner last night. “Are you okay here all on your own all day?” he asked, as he left. So sweet. I could not be better, dear heart. I’m used to silence, and in any case, there’s Zoom and music, teaching and dance parties, CBC radio, Robin the tenant going in and out, TV and Netflix, and writing. The days vanish. What more could I need? 

A week in Barbados, you reply? Right. Yes. It was milder today, but there are still mountains of black crusty snow everywhere. 

The pleasure of Sunday night PBS: Around the world in 80 days and All creatures great and small, so well done, both. At 10.30, Somebody Somewhere. I care about and feel connected to a lot of interesting people on Sunday nights. 

Rosemary just sent an article by someone breaking down what the truckers in Ottawa are hot and bothered about – apparently not really Covid mandates, it’s “The Great Reset.” They think a global cabal of billionaires and their corporations, and/or political leaders, planned and executed Covid in order to take over the world. They think Trudeau is the Canadian leader of this plot. The truckers are massed to prevent being turned into economic slaves by dictators. 

The charming Poilievre has circulated a petition to “Stop the Reset” and of course the American far right are up to their necks in this. 

Ye gods, where to start? As I’ve tried to tell my conspiracy-minded acquaintances, if they think billionaires can agree on anything, let alone a complex global plot, they’re crazy. But then of course, they ARE crazy. One of the key difference between left and right, I think, is that many on the right want simple sound bite answers to very complex questions. Drain the swamp. The great reset. They feel they’re in the know, and those of us out here, struggling to understand massive economic and social shifts and problems, are sheep. 

Okay, enough about them. 

If I look half as good at 95 – 95! – as this grand old dame, and am still working, I’ll be happy. 



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