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busy Monday

Click to enlarge. The garden is fading, but still bright. John, my dear friend and handyman and a fellow scavenger, found a bike post in the street, and here he is installing it in my

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Sugar Beach

Rode my bike down to the lake and realized – of course, that’s why the day is so silent and sublime – the Gardiner Expressway was closed for repair. Thousands of cars drowning us in

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Halifax here I come.

I am preparing for a big trip – on Tuesday I go to Halifax Nova Scotia, leaving my tenants to guard the house and pick the last of the cherry tomatoes. It will be an

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when I’m 64

My son just called. “I’m working an event,” he said, “and there’s a Beatles cover band. Listen!” And there they were in the background, sounding authentic, singing “Eight Days a Week.” He said the band

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a new old year

Just got this Rosh Hashanah greeting from Cousin Peter in the States. Peter is a photographer famous for climbing all over the Statue of Liberty to photograph her, with an especially well-known close-up of her

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Emma Watson – Hermione no more

A star is … well, not born, she was a star already – but here is Emma Watson emerging from the shadow of Hermione into her own magnificent womanhood, speaking at the U.N. about a

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Brucie was here! My dear friend was passing through on his way to London and a tour of the British Isles – on his bucket list, he said. So he came over to fix me

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cartoon from today’s “Star”

What to add? This says it all. For those of you not from Toronto, this shows exactly who is running for mayor of this city: smarmy out of touch Richie Rich, Moose the lunkhead idiot

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Farewell Stratford – yo Word on the Street

Now over 325 people have viewed the hot pink gazelle. I do not understand. Do people think they’ll be viewing an actual rose-coloured gazelle? I think not. It’s an extremely hot Sunday – started dark

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