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blowing own horn yet again

I received some very nice emails this week, with compliments from two of my current U of T students whose classes end next week. It’s probably a sign of profound insecurity, the need to repeat nice things said to one. I prefer to think of it as a marketing tool.

I wanted to say, in case it isn’t obvious – I think it is – how much I’ve enjoyed the class. I’ve loved it. You have just the right touch when it comes to criticism. Firm and clear, but not rigid – you change your mind if there’s a reason to. I feel entirely comfortable reading, I don’t feel diminished by the critique. I keep thinking ‘ok, this week i’ve nailed it’ and then laugh at myself when it turns out I haven’t… actually… quite… nailed it after all. I think you put a lot of thought into your students and are a devoted teacher. And it helps get me through the work day to think there is life beyond the office.

And …

Your classes give me such joy and happy anticipation. I feel so “alive” when I’m writing. Your classes inspire me Beth!

And this from a student who read the small book I’m finishing, detailing Wayson’s lessons about writing and mine too:

Beth, the book is absolutely fabulous. You have simplified the complex without making it simplistic (the hallmark of talented teaching!) and have provided such a user-friendly, accessible guide to writing. It is wonderful to have a resource to keep and go back to, other than my chicken scratch notes from class.

You should absolutely, positively make this a mandatory purchase for every single one of your students – they will all benefit from having it and $20 is certainly not prohibitive. You can leverage your captive market! I will certainly be first in line to buy it at the bookstore. Thank you so much for sending it along – I have been having some serious writer’s block and it was already helpful to refer to your book.

Okay, all that is nice to read, now on into the reality of this beautiful day.

P.S. And as for marketing … the writing book is available on-line for $20, the garden writing class June 27 still has room, and I’m planning another for August.



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