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John Oliver on Donald Drumpf

My new great love: John Oliver. This is a must-watch. Stay till the end – it’s glorious. Thank you, John!

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Oscars and Kaplan, Louisiana

Final thoughts on the Oscars – I was thrilled about “Spotlight.” My dear friend and cleaning lady Marisha is here, she’s Polish Catholic, and she just told me she doesn’t believe all the stories about

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So True pix

Chris Hutcheson is a photographer for the Canadian Opera Company – but as a friend of my student Ingrid, who read yesterday, he came to photograph So True. Wonderful photos of everyone but me, as

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So True and Oscars, together at last

Yes, I confess, I am watching the Oscars – WHILE EMAILING AND BLOGGING during the commercials so it’s okay. After So True this afternoon, I was a basket case, and this is perfect, mucho schlock

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our first Photo Laureate

I love Toronto! It has named old friend Geoffrey James as its first “Photo Laureate”. What a great idea. Bravo, Geoffrey. I won’t tell the city fathers how reluctant you were some years ago to

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a new fan

Linda wrote to me, “There were so many little similarities in the book that I shared – from the TV shows we watched, to disdain for the Dave Clark Five,  to being French kissed for

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So True this Sunday at 4.30

REMINDER: fabulous storytelling/reading event this Sunday. Eight breathtaking stories and then your hostess will tell a tale. The bar is open, the atmosphere is charged and warm, and there, in front of you, brave, talented

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hooray for Michael Coren

My friend Richard just sent me a link to an article by Michael Coren. I’ve written about him before – previously an intolerant, right-wing blowhard, and now – well, here is my note to him,

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the Abigail Thomas Fan Club

It’s a glorious day, warmish and bright; I am sitting outside right now to write – February, where are you? This morning I went for a walk on the Don Valley Trail, and on the

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