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Pandemic, Day Three

This morning, 20 women showed up at the Sprucecourt playground for Gina’s coronavirus line-dancing class. A few local kids joined in, at first making fun of us and then trying to follow. It’s hard! At the end I suggested we all bring a tooney each time to pay our leader for her efforts, but she absolutely refused.

So, except in inclement weather, we’ll be line-dancing in the playground every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the foreseeable future, keeping a strict six feet apart.

And that’s it for today’s schedule. All this time to work, to read, or to tidy – and all I want to do is go online and find out what’s happening on the planet. Just watched a pianist play on his apartment balcony in Barcelona, joined by a sax player in another building, the concert applauded by all the surrounding apartments. Human beings, coping.

My daughter is a coper, yes, but she is a ferociously social animal, has been since birth, never happier than when surrounded by tons of people. This is brutal for her – not just dealing with her energetic boys and other kids, but not being able to invite people over, as she does all the time, or go visiting herself. She started a thread on FB – her lament echoed by all her friends with young children, all going nuts. I wrote that when they look back on this, they’ll feel like my parents did remembering the war – that it proved how strong and resilient they were. But cold comfort in the middle of a crisis. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing if I had young kids with nowhere to go, still cold out though thank God not raining or snowing, and the possibility of infection everywhere. A nightmare.

I’ve offered to buy a trampoline for the kids, a birthday present for Eli in advance. Something to absorb some of that phenomenal boy-child energy. Waiting to hear if they think it’s a good idea.

Otherwise – silence. I hope we all find out how strong and resilient we are. Because this is definitely a kind of war.

PS. Now this makes me happy – a two-hour long McCartney concert with interview footage. Woo hoo! Singalong!



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