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Where I suffer

Here is the terrible dungeon to which I am confined … a bedsittingroom as it’s known in England – bed on the right (on which lies a crabby cat), then kitchen-living room space, and beyond,

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Guess who has ventured into the basement to keep me company? Right here beside me, a bundle of stripey fur – el Gato Crabbo. You’d almost think she is fond of me, though of course

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down but up

Yes, it’s surreal, this upstairs-downstairs life. I had my first visitors today, several old friends and later an at-home class, trekking down the concrete back stairs to my basement lair. They were all surprised by

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killing Oscar

10.05 p.m. It’s on right now, and I TURNED IT OFF. Imagine, I’ve reclaimed a whole evening of my life from the Oscars. I tried to watch, though I was flipping to an opera starring

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my underground home

A surreal adventure, this – living in my own basement suite. What was I thinking when I agreed to rent out my house for 3 months, though I’ll only be away 5 weeks? Well, I

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Florida wildlife

Seagull on sandcastle A serious piece of real estate sand castle Two patient fishers Facing the wind

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OMG she’s burbling again

You are not going to believe this – and you may be suspicious of my hyperbole – but here goes: I have just had the best week of my life. Yes, I’ve been sick the

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Canada abroad

Improving; still not great. I gather lots of people at home have this vile bug too. Why do they say “Sick as a dog?” Do dogs cough and snivel like this? I spent yesterday with

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Downton – kind of a whimper

Just watched the last episode – for this season – of “Downton Abbey.” Yes, a bit disappointing, as I’d heard. Poor Bates still rotting in jail, poor Anna keeping up her stiff but quivering upper

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This is one bad, bad bug, still infesting my lungs. And yet I’m having the time of my life, working far harder than I ever do at home – because I can. So far, no

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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