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extreme, even for Vancouver!

RECORDS ON THIS DATE IN VANCOUVER, BC Record Low 1.1°C 1975 Record High 23.9°C 1976 I was here for both of these. Today – 10 and pouring. A true Van day.

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think twice, another day in paradise

My luck is holding, so far – there was a chilly wind today, but the sun was still beaming, a beautiful day. I worked all morning in Bruce’s tranquil aerie, then Chris came and we

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Mom’s the Word 3

I say this categorically: when the sun is shining, there is nowhere as gorgeous as Vancouver. But the key word is ‘sun’. The weather report stated: chances of precipitation on Wednesday, 80%. When I woke

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 6 a.m. 7 a.m. The view from one of my favourite places in the world: Bruce’s balcony on Beach Avenue. I could sit here and gaze all day. But no, I have things to do:

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today’s Facts and Arguments

First – good news from France. My French neighbour Monique arrived at my door yesterday – she couldn’t bear to watch the returns alone, afraid of a showdown between Le Pen and the far left

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science march heroes

Happy Earth Day. It was chilly but sunny here, unlike Washington D.C., where my cousin and her husband, both scientists, marched with others against Trump. Proud of her! I have a cold and also still

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weather in Vancouver: wet

Day  Night POP  Rain  Snow  Sun Apr 23 12°C 7°C 90% ~15 mm – Mon Apr 24 14°C 7°C 40% ~1 mm – Tue Apr 25 11°C 8°C 80% 15-20 mm – Wed Apr 26

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information on Beth’s classes

Both my classes are starting to fill up. Life Stories starts at U of T on Tuesday May 9, running from 12.30 to 3 for eight weeks, and True to Life starts at Ryerson on

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Maudie: must see

A vile day out there – cold, pouring. But I’m in MY HOUSE WHERE IT’S WARM AND DRY. And I know where everything is. I can take food out of the freezer and HEAT IT

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Home. There is peanut butter, there is forsythia, there’s a piano. There are chores. Carol left me dinner in the fridge, Wayson dropped by ten minutes after I arrived, and Gretchen sent me a welcome

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