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out and about and celebrating a son

Great excitement today – a trip across town! It feels like I haven’t been out in months, so an Uber to my doctor’s office on the west side was thrilling. The city looks battered but hopeful; so many businesses shuttered forever, but still, many open, life stirring again. Long line-ups outside Winners — the urge to consume has not been quelled. But I understand. Maybe new clothes are needed for the pandemic body.

My doctor is a lovely woman who really can’t help; nothing to be done until after the colonoscopy in a month, when we can make a plan. I just hope it doesn’t erupt again before then, no guarantees; there’s pain, so it’s still infected. She told me my low blood pressure puts me at very low risk for a heart attack: 6%. Which means there’s no worry about what I call my “mayonnaise-based diet.” But the risk of cancer, unfortunately, with a long family history, is not so low. 

I told her how freaked out I was by the woman with osteoporosis in my room at Mt. Sinai, who smashed both legs falling in her living room. Nothing to be done for those of us with osteoporosis except weight-bearing exercise and lots of cheese. Exercise is not on my list these days, though I’m sure my legs are turning to noodles. No energy. But it will return. Soon, please! Longing to bear some weight again. 

The weather continues glorious, perfect, in fact, summery with a cool breeze. Long may it last. 

Yesterday, to give his sister a break, my son took his two nephews for an overnight stay in his tiny apartment. They play video games and eat pizza and chase each other, two small puppies and one big dog. Despite the stress of last year, mostly unemployed and at loose ends, Sam has emerged stronger than ever. He told me yesterday he was at his local grocery store when the checkout clerk put aside some of his pile and said, You’re not paying for that. 

It turned out that in the winter a Parkdale man in need, in line buying groceries ahead of Sam, was $15 short. Sam paid the difference. The clerk said, We get all kinds in here, and we need to celebrate kindness more often. Thank you for what you did.

The woman in line behind Sam said, in her Italian accent, You tell your parents they did a good job. 

Thank you! That means a lot.

He was happy to be back at work last week. This was just before, as they got the patio ready:

And this is last night, outside his place: 

Have taught two classes so far this week with two tomorrow. Once more, I say fervently, thank god for Zoom. Tonight, it’s another episode of “Cheese: a love story,” last week in Switzerland, tonight in France. It will help my osteoporosis just to watch that much cheese.



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