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Mayor Olivia Chow

At last, much-needed very good news for our city: a progressive mayor who’s a grandmother who rides a bicycle. Despite all, she prevailed. Our buffoon of a premier came out for the former police chief who urged us all to feel unsafe. Our disgraced previous mayor, who ran for a third term during his affair with a young staffer and had to resign after only a few months when the story came to light, costing the city millions for this by-election, came out in favour of his clone Ana Bailao, as if we want to listen to him. Bailao came very close, at one point in the lead.

But human decency won out. Chow is a decent, thoughtful, kind human being. Imagine! In politics! After many years in politics, too, and still idealistic and open, but also, importantly, savvy and tough. Apparently the Wall Street Journal has already harumphed that Toronto has a socialist mayor.

HOORAY for our socialist mayor!!! Go Olivia!

(In the picture, her step-son Mike Layton is behind her. We are all thinking of the late Jack Layton today, another of the world’s most decent politicians, with him, as with her, not a contradiction in terms. If only he could see this.)



5 Responses to “Mayor Olivia Chow”

  1. Theresa says:

    Your new website is so fresh and inviting, Beth. (I couldn’t see it on my phone while away for the past week…) And what good news about Toronto’s new mayor! Brava!

  2. Election Day was also my birthday — couldn’t have imagined a better present than Olivia getting elected. She ran a great campaign and beat out all the baddies. I will never erase from my mind’s eye the vision of a row of police in riot gear about to clear a homeless encampment. Olivia may not be perfect, and she may have to make a few deals with the devil, but I know I’ll never see such a thing in her term of office.

  3. Beth Kaplan says:

    Happy Birthday, Robin! There’s hope for our city at last.

  4. Mare Britton says:

    Many of us see her as a mafia don ripping the soul out of what has been the world class nature sanctuary and awesome gardens of High Park to the heartbreak of countless seniors, handicapped and families today and for years to come — for what? A ripped down portion of the Gardiner and the additional pollution and stress of more inner city core traffic snarl-ups it will bring? So she can show off her planned little promenade to the Chicago city counselors in her contest for personal glory .

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