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Munro’s Books, which we visited yesterday, has just been voted the third best bookstore in the world by National Geographic! I believe it – it’s gorgeous and packed.

Just had a polite argument with my daughter over FB; after the Ghomeshi verdict, she changed her status to “I BELIEVE SURVIVORS.” Should we, I asked her, use the same word for the women in this trial, this particular trial, as we use for people who got through the Holocaust, the residential schools, cancer? She believes that this trial will make it harder for abused women to come forward, and if she’s right, that is tragic. But I do not see this verdict as a miscarriage of justice. In this particular trial.

We agreed to disagree on this one.

And Rob Ford is dead. This means absolutely nothing, except that nobody deserves to die young of cancer. And let’s leave it at that.

Another gloomy day in Victoria, chilly with a bit of rain. Lan and I got the double-decker bus to the Museum, where John Lennon’s Rolls Royce is on display. We saw recreations of the former lives of B.C. – sailing, lumbering, fish, mining, really well done, great for kids. And we saw a huge roomful of the Nature Photography competition winners, stunning, even the ones by children aged 10. What a planet we inhabit. There was a depressing part about extinction and animal cruelty; we avoided that.

 The famous and venerable Empress, on the water.

Blooming in the rain

 Lani and her two men – there’s Maurice, in the distance, and there’s Bourbon.

The view from their deck. Often there are ducks, kayaks, dragon boats – she says otters but I haven’t seen any.

We are doing very little for the rest of the day, which suits me just fine.

Allan Gray just sent me these; I’m having dinner with him and other friends on Saturday night. This is the meal between “Shadow Box” shows in about 1977, Allan looking ghostly on the right, I at the back with mouth open – what a surprise – and in front on the right, a talented young actor called Michael J. Fox.

 -A pic of us in 1979; I just wrote to say, God, Allan, I hope we both still look this good.



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