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Chris wrote to say, Why do you write about your renovation with such dread? It’s exciting, a renewal. He’s right, it IS a renewal. We moved in here in September 1986, but then there was

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The brilliance of “My Brilliant Friend”

A few gentle flakes of snow tumbling down – I guess it must be winter. Really? I hadn’t noticed. HA. No, I know it’s winter because the Xmas frenzy has begun. Boxes arriving – most

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fixing a hole where the rain gets in …

…and stops my mind from wandering, where it will go…oooo… Oh Beatles. Haunting me forever. A swell of gratitude this morning. Kevin who’s doing the reno did not arrive at 8.30 with his handyman Ed,

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My Brilliant Friend

The renovation has begun, luckily starting with the easy bit, creating a bedroom in the basement, and then in two weeks ripping apart the entire second floor. It’s going to be chaos – just before

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the greatest gift

I speak often of blessings, of the many gifts of life. Well, this past weekend was a great blessing. And better still, I really wasn’t sure it would be so. I left for Ottawa on

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Picture sent by Suzette in Santa Monica – the view from her balcony of the smoke from the fires. She says there are people now homeless staying with friends in her building. Very frightening. And

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clearing up, clearing out

Should keep this an orange blowhole free zone, but … people are making such funny, clever things! We always celebrate the last class of term with a party, but this term, at both universities, we’re

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“Sally4ever”: YUCK!

In case it seems to you that I’m always in raptures about shows I see, something completely different: saw a TV show yesterday that has had rave reviews and that I absolutely hated, “Sally4ever,” from

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Ain’t Too Proud: the Temptations

Last weep of the day, I hope: watching moving footage of Macron and Merkel in France, commemorating the end of WW1. The presidents of France and Germany hug. Some things in our lunatic world are

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