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You don’t have to take my word for it – here’s a rave about Macca in the Toronto Star. I hadn’t counted –  he played 41 songs! Plus the hour-long soundcheck concert. The man is superhuman. It truly was one of the highlights of my life – pure, raw, unadulterated bliss. (Except that my boots were a little tight and my feet hurt. There’s always a snake in paradise.)
Paul McCartney delivers marathon concert at the Air Canada Centre

My very cool friend Jenny, who has been part of the Toronto music and theatre scene for decades, wrote me on FB: 

Jenny Dean Beth, I was there too! How awesome was that show?! So thrilled you got right in there…I wept much of the time, nostalgia, lost friends, lost Beatles, childhood memories.

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Beth Kaplan That’s what the music does for all us older folk, Jenny – as someone said to me, “I know it’s a cliche, but he sings the soundtrack of my life.” The amazing thing to me is the young kids who really love him too.

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Jenny Dean It’s no wonder he is so freaking talented, charming and has unwavering energy. What a showman.

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Beth Kaplan And that incredibly handsome and talented man was my husband for much of 1964. Imagine that

Yesterday was a write-off, but today brain and body are returning. It’s cold out there – time to seal the windows, cover all the garden furniture, shut ‘er down. Sad. But this is Canada. 

Oh yes – this is Canada and it’s voting day. Luckily I teach tonight so won’t be able to start watching and obsessing until 9.30 or so. There’s a political scientist in the class who says he may have to go into the hall and check periodically, even though there’s nothing to know, really, until the polls close. LET US PRAY! At least there has been more activity and concern about this election than most, which has brought like-minded people together. I’ll miss the outpouring of anti-Harper sentiment from my friends and fellows. Though of course, depending on the outcome tonight, we may just keep right on going. Shudder. 

In the middle of all this excitement, there has been some great television – on TVO, of course, which I’m proud to say I support with a monthly donation, a documentary on the Group of Seven, brave artists who camped in the northern wilderness to capture the essence of Canada’s natural beauty. And last night, the return of “Borgen,” the superb drama about – yes – a coalition government in Denmark, run by a principled woman fighting for survival politically and personally. 

Now to try to rein in this ridiculous mind, shut down FB, blogging and email, and do some work. 

Good luck with that.

Headline in the Guardian: Man Booker winner’s debut novel rejected nearly 80 times.



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