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the Shafia aftermath

We are digesting the verdict, first degree murder and life in prison, of the hideous Shafia trial – a couple accused of murdering three young daughters and the second wife, their son of helping to

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Macca does it again

My friend Margaret just sent me a link to Paul McCartney’s new CD. She knows me well. You must think I do nothing but moon about and cry – but yes, I just listened, misty-eyed,

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listening and watching

Went to a fine free event at Toronto’s airy Reference Library on Friday night – a celebration of this year’s Canada Reads contestants. NON-FICTION contestants, hooray. I went with my friend Annie, who works on

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Be still, my beating heart

GEORGE CLOONEY! There’s hope for us all. It’s on a site called Rare Photographs of Celebrities. Cheer yourself up and take a look. Monday: It was there yesterday – a shot of a geeky boy

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it’s a jungle out there

Wild animal alert: As if it’s not strange enough to hear raccoons fighting and screaming in my backyard at night, and that coyotes are attacking pets in the suburbs, last night my friend Suzette and

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much better, thanks

Winter gloom, getting over a nasty cold … not much stirring in these here parts. Here are the highlights: my Friday French conversation group, who are so smart and have so much to teach –

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Merrijoy’s hip

I’m proud to say that my longtime writing student Merrijoy Kelner has an essay in the “Globe” today. She’s an extraordinary woman, accomplished, hard-working, strikingly beautiful and brave at 84. Her piece was cut, but

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tapes of treasure

Still in bed, today with a head like a bag of thistles. The cold I’ve been fighting arrived and planted itself inside my head. I worship at the altar of the great god Benadryl. Last

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Take THAT, Fat Fords # 1 and 2!

HOORAY! Nasty cuts defeated at City Hall, including the library ones! Take that, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, twin bully boys from Etobicoke. Fords, Fords, go away, and don’t ever come back. And … while I’m raiding

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SHOUTS & MURMURS AWAKE by Jenny AllenJUNE 2, 2008 I’m up. Are you up? I’m trying to go back to sleep. But I’m awake. Awake awake awake. That’s what Buddha said. Buddha said, “I am

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