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A Great Idea

Here’s a suggestion for you: if you want to avoid the stress, expense and sheer hard work of the Christmas/Hanukkah season, just arrange to get the flu the week before. Suddenly, the season whizzes by

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Xmas Eve continued …

It’s surreal, that’s the only word.  6.45 on Christmas Eve – everyone is gathering at the farm, and I am lying on the sofa. Late this afternoon I lit the menorah and listened to most

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A Christmas to remember

First, the weather, everywhere in Canada – my friend Chris sent amazing photos of Vancouver buried in snow; and right now, Toronto is suddenly mild and rainy like Vancouver, with mountains of fresh snowfall being

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the miracle of the left nostril

I write to you today from a place I have been blessed, so far in my life, to rarely visit: sickland. I hate it here, but I’m going to try to relax and take whatever

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white out

My friends, do not ever again listen to me complain about the frustrations and lack of remuneration (i.e. no $) in self-employed writing. Today after a long, stuffy, sleepless night, I got up with a fever,

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catching up at Christmas

Just came back from a five day whirl in Ottawa, visiting my mother, aunt, brother and nephew with my own kids in tow for part of it – an overdose of family, with all the

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great new review in time for Christmas

Today’s treat: I just checked my book on the Amazon website and found this. Whoever this fine gentleman is, he has my thanks.    Excellent and Special Biography, October 17, 2008 By  Mark A. Stein (Washington, D.C.) – See

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the critic speaks

Today’s lesson: Never believe the praise of your dearest friends. I sent my new essay, the one I’m so proud of that my dearest friend thought was the best thing I’ve ever written, to another

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coalition fever

Who said Canadian politics is boring? Wow – what a time! It’s hard to believe that cold-eyed Mr. H. has been, as they say, hoist with his own petard – undone by his own vindictiveness

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World AIDS Day and Chris Tyrell’s essay

Chris Tyrell has been my best friend since we met backstage at the Arts Club Theatre in 1975, I an actress and he an assistant stage-manager. We connected instantly then, and still connect, at the

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