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Click to enlarge HAPPY HALLOWEEN from my little pumpkins to yours. And while we’re showing photos, here are a few from the past few days: Best friends: Lynn and I, friends since 1967, Ken and

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recommended books about writing non-fiction

I belong to the Creative Non-Fiction Collective, where there was recently a fascinating discussion on good books about writing and teaching creative non-fiction. Member Julija Sukys compiled the list and posted it on her blog. Of course,

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Motown, Beckett, Book City, friendship

Busy. Busy busy busy. But I’ve found a patch of sunshine in my bedroom and have sat down to get caught up, briefly. It’s beautiful out there, and my best friend Lynn is here for

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Reminder: So True

If you want to hear some beautiful true stories, don’t miss So True this Sunday:

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Sick. Woozy after a sleepless night. This is the universe saying, Okay, you had so much joy with Paul McCartney and Justin Trudeau, now let’s get real. So this is real – stuffed nose, sore

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my three seconds of non-fame

Sick with a cold – my time with Macca wore me out. My time with Ringo, last night, did NOT wear me out. Ringo is a tiny little man, like a leprechaun; he has put

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Try to see it my way

Tonight, incredible as it seems, I’m off to see Ringo. He’s playing at Massey Hall, and I have the cheapest seat I could get, with obstructed view. But still – two Beatles, 3 days apart. 

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liking his face

I think of those movies where a subjugated people are freed from tyranny and emerge, dazed and disbelieving – are we actually free? And then – were we actually prisoners that long? That’s how Canada

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He’s gone

It’s 10.25. Got in 50 minutes ago from Ryerson, and the victory of the Liberals was declared not long after.  It’s unbelievable! I am very sorry for the NDP, who had such high hopes at

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I began keeping a journal at the age of nine. Nearly fifty years later, I started this online journal, sharing reflections, reviews, updates, and the occasional secret.

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