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notes about Macca and the Little Free Library

I wrote to Liel Leibovitz, the author of the McCartney article I posted yesterday, to tell him how much I liked his piece and my own bond with Macca. He wrote back today, thanking me and telling me he had ordered my book to keep him company until Macca plays next in New York. How nice is that?

And another nice note: a woman in a power wheelchair got a friend to put a note through my front door today. I saw her and spoke to her on the street later. Her letter was on paper ripped from a day-timer, and this is what it said:
Sept. 18, 2018
Dear Little Library:
Wanted to thank you and yours a big greatful thanks for the efforts and energy that you all put into providing this beautiful community assest. When you shut down for a few weeks I was very sad because we thought your frustration level was growing. Do not allow this to happen. If a person steals book – pray they get money to buy what they need or want. It may save houses from break ins or avoid a senior from having their purse being snatched so that the thief can get food and drugs.

From a further prism – lots of poorer people access the books – like me and my grown family and grandsons. They love the books. We “loan” the books to others and it is like a mini book club. Wow the big treat for me is the occasional New York Times especially Sunday.

So thanks for re-opening and keep the free library going. The community loves it and feels darn lucky.
With sincerity, 

Now that keeps a woman going, for sure. The vanishing books are not from an addict who sells them for food or drugs, however; it’s a hoarder. I confronted him again yesterday, as he stood in front of my library with a full backpack and large satchel, I’m sure bulging with the contents of all the local libraries that he pillages daily. But yes, I’ve decided we have to put up with him because even so, people still put books in and take them out. As, in fact, do I.

Thank you, Penny.

First class of the Ryerson term last night – the class limit is 18, and there were 17. A very full class but wonderful, interesting faces and stories, one back from many years ago and two from last term, who feel like old friends.

Packing for Montreal – more time with Lynn and then the two of us seeing Macca on Thursday night, how exciting is that? Staying at an auberge b and b downtown. And then on to Ottawa to visit my aunt, who is not in good shape. Nicole will be staying here to keep the house going. When I get back fall begins for real – courses running, work, putting away the tank tops and getting out the sweaters, piling on more clothing, closing down the garden; the new season will start.

But in the meantime – roses and cucumbers, endless piles of tomatoes and cucumbers, and so – more gazpacho.



3 Responses to “notes about Macca and the Little Free Library”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. My cousin in London, England is Paul McCartney's lawyer.

    Juliet in Paris

  2. beth says:

    Juliet, you forgot to mention?????!!!! How wonderful! Amazing. Do you think he could be persuaded to give Macca my book?

  3. beth says:

    PS I too can't wait to see the Michael Moore movie, and love the look of the Lille flea market – I must never go there, it would be lethal for me. Love your photos of Paris, Juliet.

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