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Proud daughter speaking

Made the mistake of opening the box marked “Dad.” Now overwhelmed, fingers dusty from newspaper clippings from the 50’s on – my father’s career as, as one paper put it, “a Ban the Bomb apostle.”

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Ian McEwan and high-rise jeans

New season, new era – though the pandemic is far from over, there’s a sense of release in the air, renewal, coming together, things opening up. It’s also fall already, early here, although what used

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a storm and various revolutions

Horrifying news from the Maritimes as tropical storm Fiona smashes her way through. BUT – convoys of power trucks are on their way from other provinces to help restore power. A good convoy. I watched some

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My mother’s silver spoons: essay in the Globe

(I didn’t realize the essay is behind a paywall. If you’d like to read it, please email me,, and I’ll email it to you.) During the nineties and early two-thousands, I published scores of

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Sam’s best friends

This photo is a special thrill: Sam and two of his best friends from high school were over yesterday. Their school wasn’t far so the bunch of them spent a lot of time here, so

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reflecting on the Queen

Surely it’s impossible not to be even a little bit moved by the pomp and circumstance today. Whatever you think about the monarchy, Elizabeth II was an extraordinary woman. I didn’t get up at dawn,

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a visit to Stratford

And now for something completely different: Stratford, in the Ontario countryside. It’s especially lovely to be here after time in NYC. As I left the Festival stage Thursday night after seeing the musical Chicago, I

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Two big yesses

Before I recap the past, just have to tell you that today has been full of gifts. It’s a gorgeous day, first. At my usual Wednesday Y class I was surrounded by folks who’ve been

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NYC itinerary and notes

(This is to accompany the photographs in previous posts.) Friday morning was MOMA, pictures below. After Matisse and coffee in the sunny sculpture garden, I walked many blocks up Broadway, window shopping and watching the

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3rd Avenue street fair

Click to enlarge. Had the day all planned – walked out the door to discover a street fair on 3rd Avenue right outside Ted’s, from 72 to 86. Strolled up and down, much fun. Bought

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