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let the celebrations begin

Just back from the first Christmas party of the season – let the eating and drinking begin! I indulged in far too much of everything. Luckily I read an article in the NYT that said that even a small amount of exercise can counter the bad effects of overeating. Unfortunately, I didn’t move much today either.

I did spend time with my Booboo, who came with his mama to visit. He needed a haircut, so we went to my hairdresser nearby, Ingrid, and while I held him in my arms, she and I chatted casually and she snipped away the fuzzy bits at the back. It wasn’t easy – he kept turning his head to watch Emma the dog – but it got done entirely without trauma, and we were handed a little envelope full of soft gold hair. Then I grabbed the time to get my hair cut too, but we left all that silver stuff on the floor.

First haircut. His first car is not far behind. Though actually, raised in the inner city like his mother, he probably won’t even have a driver’s license, let alone a car.

Last night, a great event – two teachers in the writing department at U of T have organized a reading series for both students and teachers at a pub on the Danforth. Now I’m dead keen to use the same lovely little space – with bar – to set up reading events for my own students. With bar.

Planning a trip to New York in two weeks, and a trip to Paris and Italy next March and April. Here and now, I am wrestling with what to do with work – the memoir is in limbo, waiting to hear from various places, and I am scattered about what to do next.

So I read – papers, books – at the moment, the marvellous collection of essays, “This is the story of a happy marriage,” by Ann Patchett – magazines – I’ve decided my tombstone should read “RIP Beth Kaplan: She tried to keep up with the New Yorker” – and all the stuff that is so easy to fall into on-line, like a rabbit hole. I still can’t get over the fact that on my lap is a tiny machine which can lead me anywhere in the world, show me films and play music and teach just about anything I need to know.

But cannot write essays for me.

Here’s Booboo at home post haircut and his cousin Dakota with the menorah in the foreground and the as-yet undecorated Xmas tree behind. We celebrate everything going in this family.



3 Responses to “let the celebrations begin”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will get back to you shortly about your memoir, been compiling notes and thoughts. Paris and Italy( my favouritist (!) country in the whole world) you lucky girl! Have you been to the Italian lakes, breathtaking?
    Your grandson is looking all grown up , bless him, hope you're hanging on to to those shorn golden curls. Carole

  2. beth says:

    Yes, time to get out my travellin' shoes. Or boots made for walkin', size 10 1/2. No, have not been to the Italian lakes, have not spent nearly enough time in Italy, but I hope my dear friend Bruce and I are going to spend time there together next April – my annual jaunt, after the winter term ends.
    I look forward to hearing your comments, however critical they may be, about the memoir. Thanks, Carole.

  3. Unknown says:

    Hello Beth! I'm also a Beth… Enjoy your writing. 🙂 Cheers!
    for many years I have been trying to locate a dear friend, one whom I sadly lost contact with many years ago. Decades in fact. She is called Anne-Sue Kaplan and we were friends approx 1972-1980. she was present at the birth of my first son. I will keep where and when we last had contact to stay a mystery, as hopefully, my friend will confirm that to me when she is found. I so desire to have contact and catch up with her before I 'cross the river'. Anne-Sue was adopted by a couple from Fairlawn, NJ, USA. She was born sometime between 1954-1957, to the best of my recollection. We met in Glassboro NJ. I thank you and anyone who reads this. Kindest regards, Wellness,
    ~ Beth Mitchell (formerly Atkins)

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