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In which, in the absence of anything else, she lauds herself

Okay, it was another gloomy wet day. Honestly, can’t a girl who gave up Paris catch a break? I did go to my happy place, the Y, to see friends, do a class, and loll in the hot tub, aka paradise. Otherwise, am adjusting to my change of plans. And to cheer me up, I’m going to post nice things about myself. So just delete right now.

A woman I met recently wrote: I am still reading your memoir and must tell you how much I appreciate not only the lean, honest and unfettered immediacy of your prose but as well the maturity and deep feminism underlying the whole text. I gave a copy of “True to Life” to a younger artist friend who is grappling with a memoir. The “Scars not Wounds” chapter really resonated with her and has made a difference!

Thank you! Glad to hear it. 

The teacher feedback report came out for my advanced Life Stories class at U of T. Have to say, they’re not usually this unanimous; this is the best ever. Glad it all worked so well. 

Not for sissies! Beth is is a gem! If you are not afraid to challenge yourself and listen to constructive criticism in a relaxed, safe environment, you will emerge a richer person.
Beth Kaplan has been very supportive in class as well as through written communication. She proved to be masterful at providing suggestions and corrections while remaining encouraging and supportive.
Another wonderful growth experience. I have the confidence to take the stories I have written so far and now work on turning it into a memoir. Thank you Beth!
What were some of the most positive aspects of this course?
Challenging, encouraging, stimulating, Insightful feedback from students and instructor. Beth Kaplan prods us to go deeply into darker areas of our lives and to mold and structure our pieces into o works of art.
Writing every week, and hearing the different perspectives from listeners on everyone’s pieces
The feedback was on point and useful. I found myself utilizing it as I continued writing during the course. It helped me to improve my writing.
The teacher creates a positive, safe environment for receiving and sharing feedback.

And finally, as a woman who wears size 10 1/2 shoes, meaning a lifetime of not being able to find nice styles, this article really heartened me. Tiny Audrey Hepburn wore shoes the same size as mine! All these stars with big feet – who knew? If only my poor mother, with her size 13’s, were around to see these lovely women with extreme extremities.

So, I’m cheerful. Imagine, coming up, two whole weeks with nothing planned, already starting to fill up. Whoever has time to travel?



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