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Pythons: The All-England Summarise Proust Competition

Bill Maher was so apocalyptic last night, it was almost unbearable, as I’d expected after the
Repulsives voted no to new witnesses in the impeachment process. “We’re now living in a dictatorship,” Maher said, pointing out that places like Russia and North Korea have fake “senates” too, where the actions of the dear leader are rubber-stamped. Scary times, my friends. Not to mention the hideous tragedy of Brexit. Read Ian McEwan’s take in the Guardian. A long dark tunnel of current events, right now, with a little coronavirus hysteria thrown in to cheer us up. On the streetcar this morning, there was an Asian mother beside her young son, faces buried to the eyes behind masks, gazing at their phones. Soon the niqab won’t be an issue; we’ll all have hidden faces.

Oh come on, it’s not all gloom and doom. January’s over.

Yesterday, across town to see the family, the boys back in the cold – when I left they were playing hockey in the backyard with their dad which you can’t do in Florida, so take that, boring old beach.

This morning I bought Daniel Levitin’s Successful Aging. After all, I’ll be 70 this year. Yikes. So far, I’m lucky enough to be getting through aging all right. ‘So far’ being the operative words. I will pass the book on to whoever feels the need for inspiration when it’s finished. One quote: “The age that comes up most often as the happiest time of one’s life is eighty-two.” I have a way to go!

Tonight’s treat – Robin my tenant got me the tickets I requested to Dvorak’s Cello Concerto, one of my favourite pieces of music. Jean-Marc and I will have dinner and go to the symphony. Hooray!

Have been reading about Terry Jones, the latest Python to vanish. A lovely, brilliant man. God, if ever Pythons and their savage humour were needed, it’s now. Please watch the “All-England Summarise Proust Competition” if you want an antidote to the news.



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