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later that same beautiful day …

An incredible day – thirty degrees! Impossible to stay inside, let alone write – I worked in the garden in the morning, and later, rode my bike down Jarvis Street to check out the new Sugar Beach, on the lake. It’s pretty great, for a man-made beach in the middle of an industrial wasteland – lots of golden sand, umbrellas and Muskoka chairs, though no swimming. But how great that we’ve salvaged a bit more of our hidden lake for public enjoyment. I sat basking in the breeze from the water and got stung by a wasp. It still hurts, hours later, despite ice and baking soda.

Such is life. Beach and sun. Wasp sting. The sour and the sweet.
Whapping of helicopters and howling of sirens – my first thought is terror attack. Luckily Channel 24 is on the case; it’s a high-rise fire not far from here. Scary, to look at those flames on TV – brings back memories of this very house, five years ago.
I also went to check out the new Royal Bank just put up nearby as part of the redeveloped Regent’s Park, and went into the Presentation Centre next door. Well, now I have an idea what I’ll be doing when I’m finally ready to downsize – I’ll find a a condo or townhouse just south of here, in the new development. The buildings are environmentally friendly and beautifully designed, and there’ll be an Aquatic Centre, a large park and an Arts Centre in the middle of it all. Amazingly enlightened. Luckily they got it through before Rob Ford the neanderthal took over.
PS Two hours later, helicopters still whapping. CP 24 was interviewing a fire-fighter, who suggested that anyone still in the building “should self-evacuate themselves.” Gosh. Sounds like a good idea to me.



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