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Ads all over town for Lampe Berger, a classy air purifier, which claim it “cleans and fragrances your air.” “To fragrance” – that’s a new verb. I guess if you squirt perfume on someone, you

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Punctuation saves lives

That dog does look delicious. And … heaven, science forces me to drink. Wine: The Depression-Fighting Depressant FYI: Drinking two to seven glasses per week could be a very, very good thing.

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Philomena and the nuns

From my years teaching memoir, I know the big stories students need to get out before they can tell any others: stories of physical, psychological or sexual abuse; the story of atypical sexual orientation; and

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RIP Ben Torchinsky

I was lucky enough to have been befriended in the Eighties by Sarah and Ben Torchinsky, two extraordinary Canadians – generous art lovers, kind friends, fabulously interesting world travellers. They were that for all their

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Note to self: appreciate daughter

Just got a great idea for the title of my next memoir: “Note to Self.” Went immediately to Amazon, looked it up and found a whole page of books called “Note to Self.” Back to

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16-year old Christmas essay

I just remembered an essay I wrote and read for CBC and dug it out. 16 years ago, it was unimaginable that my mother would die on Christmas Day. That my grown-up children and I

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celebrating chez nous

 The Plasmacar that Janice gave us with other stuff her kids had outgrown – the best gift of all The yahrzeit candle we burned for Mum all day – burning still  Trying on Mummy’s new

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heat and light

Anne-Marie, who lives in Scarborough, called this morning to tell me their power had just gone back on. They’d been without for 3 days – not just without heat and light, but their phone and

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the ice storm

Backyard – icycles and ice coated over everything, the trees and bushes so brittle, I wonder if they’ll make it. The streets are sheet ice – impassable. Yesterday was disastrous – streetcars abandoned in the

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