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A full life: hair, essays, pup, “Julia”

Such a busy day. I took a webinar this morning, rushed off to get a haircut by a hairdresser for the first time in many months, rushed back for another webinar, this one three hours long. And heard from my son about another family member on the way – my first grand-pup.

This morning, it was a seminar on growing vegetables, gave me some good ideas, raised beds particularly. WORM CASINGS! Then rushing on the bike to the World Salon at Adelaide and Jarvis to meet Brian; my old friend Isobel, who’s known him for many years, introduced us. The place is wonderful – bright and open, exposed brick, lots of plants and interesting things everywhere. Brian is very cool, wanted to talk writing while he did an incredible job on my hair. He barely seemed to cut and yet it’s shaped and shiny! 

This woman does not know how to smile for the camera. She looks marginally better in black and white.

Then rushing back for a 3-hour webinar in how to put together an essay collection, a little late for me as my collection is now circulating to publishers, but I was left with much to think about, especially from the main speaker, Rebecca McClanahan. And now there’s another LONG list of books to order and read. 

Sam has left the restaurant business and is figuring out what’s next. But whatever it is, it will incorporate his dog; he has wanted to adopt for a long time. He went through a lengthy and very thorough vetting process before being accepted by a dog rescue place. His pup was born on a reserve; Sam’ll pick him up in a few weeks. If Sam is thrilled and Glamma is excited, imagine what Eli and Ben are feeling. What a joyful arrival for us all. Sam now picks the boys up from school once a week or more. When he goes with a puppy, he’ll be like the Pied Piper, with a trail of kids following him home. 

Part husky and shepherd, maybe? Could he be cuter?! I’ll be showing everyone pix of our new arrival. 

Two nights ago, on Sam’s recommendation, I watched the first seasons’ 3 episodes of Julia, a Netflix series about Julia Child, starring the wonderful Sarah Lancashire, who’s British and yet pulls off Julia beautifully. It’s so good, so warm, about the love between Child and her husband Paul, about her cold judgemental father and the sexist studio execs who did not believe a cooking show done by a tall awkward middle-aged woman could be a success. But, you realize, she changed the way America ate – at least, some of America. I treasure my Aunt Betty’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a fifth edition from 1963, the spine broken, Betty’s notes throughout – “Less mustard, more tarragon. Delicious.” Thank you, Julia! 



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