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So True true true

Happy Hallowe’en! The weather could not be better for the kids – mild and sunny, amazing, and due to last all week. I myself will not be celebrating – I teach tonight, and in any case, I’m not into this festival. Anyone who has dressed in someone else’s clothing for a living doesn’t much enjoy doing so for fun. But it’s wonderful to see all the costumes on the streets of Toronto today.

A bit dark – but this is Eli with the shield as Captain America – sigh – his friends as Spiderman and some other superhero, and Ben’s first Hallowe’en – as a skunk. 
So True, the reading series, yesterday – a great success by all accounts. About 65 audience members, plus 8 fantastic readers, Jason the superb M.C. and me, in the warm space of the Black Swan second floor, telling and hearing the important truths of life on planet earth. One woman came up to me beforehand, said I didn’t know her but she loves these events, they make her laugh and cry and feel less alone. How great is that? I’m always beyond exhausted by the end – producing the event itself, encouraging the readers who feel like my children by that point, and then my own talk and reading – it leaves me drained but exhilarated by the response. Onward. The next, on Feb. 26, 2017, is our tenth, and we’ll do something special, though not sure what yet.
On the way there, I stopped at Mike’s Music on the Danforth, one of the few independent music stores left and a fabulous place, because he had special-ordered for me a great treat: the Macca compilation. FOUR CD’S of Macca’s best. Heaven.
Anna and Eli visited yesterday morning. Eli told me about the two girls from school he’s going to marry. I read him “Alexander and the terrible horrible no-good very bad day,” and at the end he said my favourite words: “Read it again.” I understand Alexander, having had a few of those days recently myself. 
Spent this morning on the line with my new BFF, Rogers. Ha. Am getting my new phone line set up, maybe. My new TV channels configured, maybe. Don’t hold your breath.
Most importantly – the American election lumbers along on its excruciating path. Curse the FBI and its shocking miscarriage of justice. The world is at the brink. Let us pray. 
And finally – here’s a great review of the new/old place Sam is working: Harry’s. Inexpensive, unpretentious, lots of fun.



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  1. theresa says:

    Lovely photographs. My granddaughter has chosen to go trick or treating as a garbage truck driver. (She loves to watch the truck in their alley because the guys always wave to her.)

  2. beth says:

    Hooray for garbage truck drivers! What a great idea. Oh Theresa, what fun we'll have following them on their journeys.

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