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winter schminter

I won’t mention the temper tantrum playing out in Ottawa right now, except to say, what a disgusting display. Of course, Trump and gang are in full support. The rise of a culture of angry

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the truckers of the apocalypse

Oh no. I was just sitting by the fire after dinner – watched the last bit of a doc about Margaret Atwood, who writes her first drafts in pen in hard cover books, in case

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the bliss of a Sunday routine

I’ve often said we are so blessed to live in Canada that if the weather were better, this country would be overrun. For many years, my family and I were lucky; my uncle by marriage

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The essay book goes out

The New Quarterly asked for a short blog post about writing the Neel essay; it went up today. And on Feb. 10, an interview about writing memoir will go live. Letting you know so

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Portrait of the Artist: my article on Alice Neel

The New Quarterly is posting my essay on Alice Neel openly for this week only, though without the portrait. Here it is, only this week. And a short piece on how the essay came

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on writing

The most fun! As I’ve reported here, I decided to explore the possibility of a compilation of my essays through the years. I find writing the first drafts of anything hard, a slog, but editing,

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The Lost Daughter

Thanks to those who asked me to send them the essay and wrote back, including dear Greg, who wrote Your essay about your father and Alice Neel is magnificent. I was captivated by the first

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Essayer: to try

Friends, I guess uploading the TNQ essay didn’t work after all. I can see it on my computer, but I gather others cannot. Back to the drawing board.  For now, let’s do this the simple

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