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snow walk

Why I Love Cabbagetown, #6742: I couldn’t resist going for a walk at 10 last night. There was the puffiest little snowfall, soft silent flakes, a fresh glistening coat over everything … so pretty, so quiet. I love walking around my neighbourhood in the evening anyway, a glimpse of golden light and life inside those Victorian houses, but more importantly, a chance to spy on how they’re renovated and decorated …

On the next block my neighbour Stephen was putting out the garbage. Stephen used to be the science writer for the Globe and has written numerous books on arcane but fascinating subjects. He read an early draft of my own book and had recently emailed to say he’d reread the published version and liked it very much – thought it should be turned into a screenplay. So there I was, bundled up in the falling snow, out for an anonymous stroll and instead discussing the wonders of my book with one of the smartest men in Toronto. “It would make a great movie,” he said, “like the Godfather, those scenes of arriving in America, then flashbacks to the old country. Lots of intrigue and sex. Not much violence, though.”
Wow – imagine my book like the Godfather. Too bad Marlon isn’t around to play Jacob Gordin. And remember, there’s always Carol Burnett to play me.
So right now, looking out at the pristine snowfall stretching to the end of my yard, not even little raccoon footprints marring it yet. The birds cluster at the feeder. My summer table is covered with snow, but just an inch, not the foot or two that’s normally piled on top by now. We’ve had almost no snow this year – like Vancouver, which is having to truck in snow for the winter Olympics next week. Says my Vancouver friend Margaret, “This is the ‘Bring your own snow’ Olympics.”
Went on Sunday night to see the newest George Walker play at Factory Theatre. It was in previews so I won’t comment till it opens. The experience did remind me of how many factors go into the making of a successful night at the theatre, and how easy it is for any or all of those to go wrong.
And – I mailed my claim yesterday to the lawyers handling the copyright dispute. Forty articles possibly eligible for some kind of payout. I’m off to the dentist right now, for inspection of a top left molar possibly eligible for a root canal.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Correction. I am only the 230,346th smartest person in Toronto, which means I barely make the top 10 per cent of bright people here.


  2. Beth says:

    Allow me to disagree. If you think there are many people smarter than you – or with better taste in books – in Toronto, I think you are sadly mistaken. Especially the taste part.

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