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checking in

I am sorting through the packed boxes of family photographs, partly inspired by my new fourth cousin Lesley, and partly because it had to be done anyway. And the more I look at the family

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Alice Neel, Alan Turing, and the beaver

First, have a wonderful Passover, those of you who celebrate! Next, I just received a kind note from a writer about “Loose Woman”: It’s one of the best memoirs I’ve read; you had me hooked from the

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celebrating the Brits

Tomorrow will be 19 degrees. It’s just bizarre. We’re all walking around bewildered but happy but bewildered. Don’t pack away those boots, folks; winter will return. Says the true Canuck.  Fragile today and did little,

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One and done!

How blessed is this: a warm spring day, riding my new white bike HiHoSilver to a drugstore 15 minutes away on Bloor Street, walking in, instantly getting the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, riding

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finding new family

Heavenly spring weather! It’ll go back and forth, hot and cold, for the next while, tho’ I don’t remember a mid-March this warm. Pruning yesterday, more pruning today, getting the garden cleaned up and ready

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vaccine booking

Gina sent a link this morning to Rexall drugstores which are doing AstraZeneca vaccinations of younger people; the province is still doing only 80 and up and 60-65.  I entered my name immediately; it said

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onward and upward

Ken just called: No post since Friday, is all well? Yes, thank you, all is well. I won’t be at Gina’s line dancing this morning, maybe by Wednesday. But I will be teaching today at

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baseline ambulatory, and how

So many thoughts. I’d say this experience was life-changing except my friends would laugh because I’ve said that before, a few times. But then, a life can keep changing, can’t it? I cry a lot.

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completely different take on St. Mike’s

Waking this morning after a perfect night’s sleep in a soft bed in a dark quiet private room, I realized I needed to say this immediately: St. Mike’s may be a very old inner city

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