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Knives Out

I am not celebrating the end of the hapless Andrew Scheer. It’s much better for our side to have a bumbling retrograde goof than one of the smarter and more dangerous replacements. In the meantime, we mourn for England. “Unbelievably depressing,” wrote my friend Penny from Sheffield, “we’re a bit of red in a sea of blue. Even Boris Johnson’s colleagues don’t trust him!”

Yesterday’s treat – a movie date with my son, who bought us the tickets and rushed to the Varsity after work. We saw Knives Out, the perfect mother-son film, richly funny with great actors and an unmissable undertone of vicious anti-Trump social satire. A brief chat with a tall young man before he went west and I went east, walking along Bloor St. arm in arm – my arm reaching way up just to loop through his. A glimpse, a sighting of him, and he’s off.

The great ongoing treat is finally getting to Season Three of The Crown – just watched the third episode about the ghastly disaster in Aberfan, Wales, which I remember reading about when I was 16. Just about the best hour of film I’ve seen anywhere – stunning.

Went across town the other day – Ben was sick and Anna had much to do at the school, so I babysat.

Anna’s cat Naan under the tree

My daughter is phenomenally organized, despite two small boys in a small apartment. This is the superhero garage.

Her seasonal bins and clothing ones that say “Next season” and “up next.” I’m not disorganized, but this wondrous level of meticulous order comes from her dad’s side.

Jean-Marc sent this, a shot of my semi-detached house – the third down, with a big car out front – in the late sixties or early seventies, before the stucco was blasted off. Just realized I’ve lived in this house nearly half my life! Yikes.

That empty lot on the corner was once farmed by the kids of Sprucecourt School using Clydesdale horses from Riverdale Farm. Yes, only 25 years ago or so. Now it’s a row of nondescript buildings, of course.

Today, meeting Ruth at the AGO to see the exhibit of early Rubens. I’m glad she asked me to join her; though I make a point of visiting museums in foreign cities, I tend to neglect the ones here, and they’re terrific. And it’s not too cold and the sun’s shining. So – 10 o’clock and all’s well. Over and out.



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