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Senior’s Day at Shopper’s

Grey, gloomy drizzle out there – mild, though. In a bit, I’ll put on something sparkly and, carrying champagne and chocolates, walk over to Bill’s Lobsters on Gerrard, to pick up some live lobsters. Then

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Sometimes, in years past, my mother and aunt have flown in for Christmas. How grateful I am that they didn’t this year, because, thanks to the new terrorist bomber, their way back would have been

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and now, a few words from our entertaining readers

Bruce emailed indignantly to complain about my Xmas day blog, in which I described our “Vancouver Christmas here in Toronto – pouring with rain, chilly and sodden.” Apparently their day was actually cold and very

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Boxing Day rain

We had a Vancouver Christmas here in Toronto – pouring with rain, chilly and sodden. Pretty miserable. A perfect day to stay home, welcome friends and prepare and eat an enormous quantity of rich food,

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It’s a Wonderful Christmas Pageant

Merry Christmas! It’s 9.20 a.m. There was a time when we’d be knee-deep in wrapping and ribbons by now, excited children dancing around with empty stockings and new toys, me trying vainly to calm them

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Michael Ondaatje buys fennel and wins my heart

Okay, right now, full on Christmas spirit. Just stood in the kitchen making the stuffing so I can get the bird in early tomorrow, listening to Michael Enright’s program on CBC. He played Martin Luther

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Xmas Eve, 2009

Christmas Eve – no snow in Toronto, just grey skies and bone-chilling cold. Spent last night wrapping presents while watching a production of La Boheme on PBS. Too bad, I thought afterwards, that those Italians

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I called my son before writing that last post, by the way. “May I write about your experience for the blog?” I asked. “Blog away,” he said. My daughter has learned to preface some things

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fun and fear

From Sunday – a story of seasonal celebration, and the same old violence. Sunday evening, Chris and I went to an Xmas party at the home of my old friends Jessica Bradley and Geoffrey James.

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Sunday rebuttal and “Every Little Step”

A reader in Lubbock, Texas just sent a response to my mini-review of (aka “mouthing off about”) A Single Man. You have to read the book to understand they didn’t change the ending. Not something

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