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Happy 2024! Here’s some reading for you.

Several people have written, asking to read the essay in Queen’s Quarterly. I feel guilty posting it instead of encouraging people to buy the magazine. But on the other hand, if there’s a choice between

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The Oxford Story, and 2023’s cultural tally

One more day of 2023. What a year. Terrible for the world, another brutal, beyond brutal war fought senselessly, many thousands of senseless deaths in an incomprehensibly complicated and contested part of the world. My

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Hard to believe, but this morning, after an exhausting but wonderful Xmas day, I was at the Y at 9 for Carole’s Boxing Day bootcamp. It’s now 1 p.m. and I’m done for the day.

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glad tidings

What I forgot to mention, in that rapturous account of my ex’s visit, was one more great joy during his visit: the essay about my garden, an excerpt from Midlife Solo, was published in Alice

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Famdamly forever

I just found a tiny plastic submachine gun under the kitchen table. There have been and will be other surprises around the house, because the boys have been here for an extended period, and they’ve

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Family reunion and Narrative4

When he and I first met, he was 23, a theatre administrator, and I was a 26-year-old actress. We began dating 3 years later. And now here he is, 70, and I 73. He came

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dancing through the darkness

Busy days. Winterizing, still recovering, trying to keep up with it all. Second last U of T class Tuesday — spectacular, a great group. Before class, my handyman came to fix some plumbing and had

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Anatomy of a Fall: whodunit?

Anatomy of a Fall: wow. A friend was at the cinema too, by chance, and at the end, we turned to each other and just said, Wow! A propulsive murder mystery, but so much more,

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