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Proud of Pride

Finished going over the manuscript today, and do not want to see it ever again in my life. Until tomorrow when I discuss changes with the publisher. I cooked a big dinner while listening to

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Booboo and Blamma play plano. He is talking non stop. “Me do it! Me twy it!” And the best: “I luz you.” He notices and is opinionated about everything – what a surprise, given that

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Kate Trotter in “Tru Love”

I only agree with the first two. As for the third: if I made a list of Things I Love, lists would be on it. A gorgeous long weekend dawns. The scent of jasmine pouring

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breaking buds

Post-partum. There are a million things to do on my list but I can’t quite get to them; I’m sitting a lot and looking at the garden on this heavy grey muggy day. But I

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Macca’s back(a)!

We were all really really worried about Paul’s health, weren’t we? So here he is, the perkiest 72-year old on the planet, to reassure us.  He’s touring the US for months this year, scores of concerts,

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the best of Monty Python It’s a rainy Tuesday morning, and I’m waiting for the draft to come back any minute, so I can slam through it one more time and get it to the designer. Last night, very

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say cheese

I’m happy to tell you the good news: I just ran into a neighbour who said Power Tool Guy told her he’d just learned he’d been disturbing people and was sorry- he’d try to be

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letter from a crabby neighbour – moi

I have a neighbour – I’m sure a very nice man – we’ve waved though we’ve never met – who enjoys his hobby, which is fixing up his house using an array of impressive power

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Regent’s Park’s new green space

If I don’t unglue my bum from this chair, I may never walk again. I’ve had it. The manuscript is just about ready to go – my dream was to send it off tonight. But

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