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Time Out in London

Paradise – a sunny, fresh morning in London, sitting in bed with “Time Out,” planning the day. Too little time in this metropolis. Just had an enormous English breakfast – eggs, sausages, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, burned toast – Marmite offered, if you want, which I did not – with two retired British academics. It’s lovely at this Quaker hotel, you are encouraged to breakfast with other travellers. When they heard I was a writer from Canada, she said, “You’re not the famous short story writer, are you? You know the one.”
“I’m sorry not to be Alice Munro,” I said.
“That’s the one,” she said. “That would have made our trip really exciting.”

Di and Viv and Rose, which I wanted to see, has closed early, and Behind the Beautiful Forevers is sold out. So much choice. I have a few ideas. Must get to the National Gallery and am hoping to get to other museums, also meeting Christina soon and Liz too and trying to sell the spoon and must get to Marks and Spenser for some underwear …

Oh it is wonderful to be in London and have my own space. Perhaps I’m getting too old for a foamie on the floor. I think I decided that a few years ago, actually. Old habits die hard.

Instant messaged with Anna and Eli last night – tried to get FaceTime but it wouldn’t work on my phone. Then called, to hear those beloved voices. She sent me a little video of Eli saying “I love you Glamma” and kissing the screen. He was not feeling well and needed a hug. Heart ache. BK call home.



2 Responses to “Time Out in London”

  1. theresa says:

    (I wrote this message earlier but somehow it disappeared before I could hit publish…) We saw The Nether a few weeks ago. Wildly innovative staging but the writing was muddy, the acting kind of wan. Would have loved to see Anne Carson's Antigone at the Barbican (with Juliet Binoche) but alas, no tickets. And I'd recommend (with some reservations) the new Tom Stoppard. You're in a lovely neighbourhood! We loved walking in St. George's Garden over near the Foundling Museum (also a favourite place to visit).

  2. beth says:

    Theresa, would love to go again to the Foundling Museum – have been there before. This is a wonderful place, the Penn Club, highly recommended for your next visit – they even have a library full of books and the location is perfect. The city is lunatic, don't you think? More crowded than is humanly possible. And yet somehow it still functions and the theatre is superb.

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