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making a mess

Busy days. I regained some energy and started cleaning and clearing, especially the top floor suite vacated by my longterm tenant, which led to moving things around in other rooms. Tomorrow a big load of stuff goes across town in Doug’s truck to deserving people, aka my kids. I’m preparing for guests — Janet from Ottawa next week, and my ex from Washington for a week in July. Unfortunately, I sidetracked into my office, where in attempting to sort the jumble I made a bigger mess. But it’ll get sorted.

At some point.

Finished reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins to the boys, a gorgeous book, one of the greats. There is joy in the silence on the other end of the phone, as they absorb the story. We start a new book tonight.

Last Saturday, much of the day with Doug who was fixing the outdoor watering system, requiring two trips to Home Depot in his truck and three trips to Home Hardware on my bike, but it got done. He’s coming this Saturday for more work. Later Saturday I went to friend Suzette’s elegant home for dinner and much talk and rosé with her and Pierre. The pleasure of interesting, accomplished old friends.

Monday a report from my doctor on my blood tests — all fine except more B12 needed, and my cholesterol is fairly high. I have to start on statins! “But I take no meds,” I said, “and I’m proud of that.” “If you were fifty, we wouldn’t do this,” he said. “But at your age, the risk to your heart is higher.” At my age. Sigh. Phooey. It’s my mayonnaise-based diet, I’m sure, and so much bread and pasta and cheese.

Yesterday on my way to my U of T class, I detoured via King’s College Circle to see the pro-Palestine encampment — more like a big impromptu village than a few tents, surrounded by a barrier covered with slogans and posters, with a closed gate marked Entrance guarded by students. A group was loudly chanting over and over, “Free Palestine!” I admire their idealism and fortitude. I just wonder how much they know about the many hundreds of years of conflict and complication on that tiny sliver of land. There’s no question a hideous injustice has been and is still happening and must stop. Whether invading and blockading the centre of a university campus and interrupting convocation for everyone helps the cause, I don’t know. But when I marched against the Vietnam War, it felt good.

Today, up very early to get on the bike and ride across town for 8 a.m. A young journalism student friend is now working at CBC’s Metro Morning and asked me to be on the show, live, to discuss transit for seniors in Toronto. As it happens, I have quite a bit of say about that, though we weren’t allotted much time. At one point after my divorce, I auditioned to be a news reader for CBC, was offered the job, and realized it would mean a rigid schedule and being stuck in that airless building many hours a day — impossible for a single mother. Instead I went there regularly to read essays for various shows, including many for Tom Allen’s Fresh Air, and chat with him and the others. I love radio, and I love the CBC.

As I write, a cat is staring at me hungrily with her big green eyes. Soon it’s dinnertime for this greedy feline, who the other day jumped up on the kitchen counter and devoured a chunk of parmesan cheese. Soon she’ll have to be on statins too.

A meme for today:

And a very apt New Yorker cartoon. Cheers!



2 Responses to “making a mess”

  1. Christopher Loranger says:

    That New Yorker cartoon really made me laugh, Beth. I loved it. Especially, given where I live. 💋

  2. Theresa says:

    I’m inspired to do some sorting now, Beth. But it’s so hard to toss stuff. At least your kids are near…

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