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The Platform

Wow. It was thrilling, last night at U of T’s “The Platform” reading event, to greet former students, blog readers still interested in the writing process who’d come to check in. Neighbours George and Ann, who read my blog and decided to go out and hear some writing. Dear friends Annie and Jim, who picked me up and took me there and home again afterwards. Current students and others just interested in new work, new words. Ken Murray organized and MC’d and did a terrific job. The whole event was warm, well-organized and moving.

Funny that though it was just a ten minute reading to a room overflowing with friends, I was still nervous. I guess any kind of public presentation is unnerving. The students who read, Maggie and Bernard, were great – beautiful writing, beautifully read. And then Terry Fallis read from his soon-to-be-released novel, two of his students read, and then there was open mic – seven people reading for two minutes. A smorgasbord of style, subject, skill – all in the name of literature.

It was especially wonderful to read an excerpt of the memoir and hear laughter, feel the silence of listening. Several people said afterwards they couldn’t wait to read it. So I’ll sell at least three copies.

By the time I got home, though, I was exhausted – mostly from the stress of the auction. The moment when Dad came up and there was silence, me saying, Come ON!, not a single bidder, her “Pass!” – and it’s over, months of decisions and travel and anticipation. Just like that, in seconds.

I will spend this grey day reading the proofs of the book and recovering from the stress of not becoming rich.

PS I just was reminded of the website, which lets you know which libraries hold your books, and checked. Among other places, “Finding the Jewish Shakespeare” is in libraries in Iraq, Namibia, Egypt, Armenia, Auckland, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, and Anchorage, Alaska – Sarah Palin, check it out! It’s in the British Library and at both the Sorbonne and the Biblioteque Nationale de France in Paris.

Talk about rich. Thank you, world.



2 Responses to “The Platform”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Alas, not in my library yet…and I have enquired! Carole

  2. beth says:

    Too bad, Carole. Thanks for trying. You can always get a signed one from me – or inexpensively, second hand from Amazon …

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