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When I was taking an  English degree at Carleton University in the late Sixties, we studied a book called “The Theatre of Revolt” by Robert Brustein, who had a stellar lifelong career in the theatre. He now lives on Martha’s Vineyard where my friend Suzette recently vacationed, and where our mutual friend Larry knows him. Suzette gave Larry my book to give to Robert Brustein. And here he is with it. I shall just have to zip off to the Vineyard to chat with him.

Perhaps not to the Vineyard, but definitely to New York City in September, for another talk. I have been invited to speak once more at the Stella Adler Studio, on September 13th. The focus will be Gordin’s play “The Jewish King Lear,” which debuted in 1892, with me telling about it and actors reading excerpts. I spent the afternoon cutting my great-grandfather’s 5 act play down to 3 very short scenes.

Two days after my talk, Great-Aunt Lola’s 90th birthday. Woo hoo!

It’s nice to have this excitement today, here at home, where I am feeling the painful aftermath of emotional days in Ottawa. Part of me wants to leave Toronto and go to accompany my mother on her journey, and part of me is determined to get on with my own life. The eternal struggle for women, with their children, and then with their aging parents – who comes first?

Dear friends Patsy and Lynn have been through this, so I had a long phone talk with one and Skype with the other, one on Gabriola Island just beginning her day and one in Provence at the end. Wise words and laughter with old friends, a gift. And also today, more than ever, the garden sustained me, just there, growing, scenting the air, signalling to bees and butterflies, gorgeous and rich.

What else do we need?

PS Just talked to Mum. She has been moved to a private room, and her voice is extremely weak. But we talked and we laughed. She knows who I am. She knows who I am.

PPS Someone just posted this on Facebook. Good ol’ Cicero and I, on the same page.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero



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