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loving Jane, with sand

And now for something completely different … here I am in chilly, cloudy Florida. I’ve rented my house in Toronto for a week to three couples who flew in for a local wedding, so here

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DONE! Ho ho ho.

We survived another one, the crabby cat and I. She hates Christmas because the house is full of smells and noise, and all her favourite sleeping places are occupied with human beings making merry. And

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Forget your perfect offering

It’s nearly midnight; a quick note before my Neo-Citran and I snuffle off to bed. Tonight began another Xmas tradition; from now on, I want to spend the evening of December 23rd with Leonard Cohen,

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A bribe and a red harangue (PUN!)

It’s here, my Christmas cold. I am snuffling my way through the merriment. Despite Cold FX and much hand-washing, it hit last night, and today I’ve been through half a box of Kleenex. But luckily

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“I have a voice!” shouts the King.

I am a list-maker. There is no situation, I’m sure, that could not be improved with a list or two. How I survived before the invention of stickies is a mystery, but the second I

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home again, home

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, pecking at my feeder along with the plain brown sparrows. What an extraordinary flaming colour he is – a bird that glows. She keeps her colours hidden. I’m back from a

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a last message

Awoke this morning to a long discussion on CBC radio about the difference between freezing rain and sleet, and what exactly is a “weather bomb.” Only in Canada, you say? In any case, the rain

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warm thoughts on a cold day

The round of Christmas parties has begun, I’m just back from one, and with weeks to go, my pants are too tight already. Drinkies and snackies and merriment – mmmm. And a merry swelling in

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ol’ man whatever

Folks, playtime is over; the serious business of winter has begun. Windy and cold, fat flakes tumbling and staying on the ground. Now my bird-feeder comes into its own, hosting a great flurry all day.

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Fox News yuck

More shenanigans from the Fox News North people. Please download and sign to prevent them from removing our brains and substituting a pile of viciousness and slime. Many thanks. And: A THOUGHT FOR TODAY:

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