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Bitter bitter cold out there – a cold that pierces the lungs, a wind that knifes through clothing, no matter how thick – except my vintage mink coat, what a godsend. We haven’t had a winter like this for so long, I’d nearly forgotten what it was like. It reminds me of when I was working in Montreal one brutal January and got a taxi one block because I thought I’d die if I walked.

Well, we won’t die, but it’s challenging out there. I heard two people today say they were sick of winter, and it’s only mid-January. We’ve got a long way to go, folks. Pace yourselves. The Y is one of my salvations – taking off bulky layer after layer, putting on gym clothes, then immersing later in the sauna or the whirlpool – heaven. I just called dear friend Ken and asked him if he wants to hear some Bach – Tafelmusic has an all-Bach program on Wednesday. He does, and we are meeting at a great pizza place first. Pizza, Bach and Ken – I’ll float till Wednesday, in anticipation.

But first, the pleasure of the weekend – tomorrow, my ex is flying in to town. He’s one of the producers of the new Riverdance show, Heartbeat of Home, so is coming for the Toronto opening on Sunday and to see his kids and grandson. We are all, including Eli of course, having dinner at the restaurant where my son is now the manager. Quel plaisir. And then I’m invited to a party for Cabbagetown writers. That’s my idea of thrilling – a room full of Cabbagetown writers.

Sunday, I’m taking friend Ron to the new documentary musical from England, “London Road.” How you make a documentary musical, I have no idea. And in the evening – the Grammy awards, with Paul and Ringo doing something TOGETHER. I may scream. There’s a huge problem, Downton is on at the same time – I’ll just have to watch both episodes next week. Such excitement on a Sunday night.

Kaplan’s tips for surviving a hard winter – keep busy, listen to Bach (and Randy Bachman on CBC), exercise, eat pizza with friends, watch good TV, love your family. Drink lots of water, eat oranges and soup, use tons of lotion on your poor desiccated skin. And plan your getaway.

And read. Read read read. Here’s a terrific article on memoir from the writer Dani Shapiro:
“Dear Disillusioned Reader”: An open letter 
And another on writing memoir from the NYT:
When writers expose the dead 
And the new issue of Brevity, a wonderful on-line mag that prints essays of 750 words or less:
A new issue of Brevity  

There. Now – didn’t time just fly by? A guy at the Y today was just inside the door, getting ready to go out as I was coming in. “Is it summer out there yet?” he asked. Almost. It’ll be summer in no time. 



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