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sunny Saturday, with sting

The word is out: the people who lost their homes in the big fire yesterday are in need, and neighbourhood fundraising has already begun. That’s the neighbourhood I know and love. And it will continue to be, even if Ford wins.

Yesterday was not just hot, it was record-breaking hot, the hottest Sept. 24 on record; Toronto was the hottest place in all of Canada. And there I was, at the new beach, getting stung. The arm, by the way, blew up and is still puffy, red, painful and itching like crazy. That was quite the bee.
Yesterday on YouTube, I watched Jon Stewart’s recent turn on Oprah – so graceful and funny, that dear, dear man. His wife was in the front row, and at one point, he said he had to get his own TV show even to have the courage to approach her, because she’s so far out of his league. What big star could say something like that without sounding nauseatingly sucky or insincere? But he (sounded like he) meant it.
He talked about his Bring Back Sanity rally on Oct. 30. The political discourse is in the hands of extremists, he said, because the rest of us are too busy and tired to get involved. This rally is for the busy and tired – those who, for example, don’t particularly like paying taxes but really appreciate having sewers.
Well put, my friend. I love how Jon is always subtly, sweetly reminding us that he’s Jewish. It’s as if he has made one of his causes, as well as all the others, to be the public face of moderate but proud American Jewishness. Well, I decided I MUST go to Washington for the rally. My tired, busy cousin Barbara who lives there is going with her husband and invited me to join them. But then I called first cousin once-removed George, my other Washington relative who’s in his mid-eighties – and he’ll be in Shanghai on Oct. 30. He travels non-stop, so I’m not surprised he won’t be there. But I don’t want to go all the way to Washington, D.C. and not see George. So I won’t go.
A disappointment, yes, but a relief too, because I’ll be heading to Ottawa again around then. Much to do there – the ladies are getting more confused and indecisive about retirement homes. A huge decision is getting more onerous by the day.
This morning, with friend Annie at the St. Lawrence Market, I didn’t have to make any decisions – I just bought everything in sight. The cauliflower – so vast that Annie and I bought one and divided it – a big basket of tomatoes for $5, my new favourite apples – ginger golds, sublime – leeks, zucchini, Bartlett pears, still luscious strawberries, broccoli, peppers, flowers … oh be still my heart. The market was packed; we all know, it’s sunny now and not for long, stock up, stock up! Lots of cooking to do, this next while.
Listening to Randy Bachman’s oldies show on CBC show as I write. Must get up and dance.



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