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I got up at 5.30 this morning to make coffee for and say goodbye to Ed, my ex, off to Pearson to fly home. How far we’ve come. He and I married joyfully in 1981, had

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riches at the AGO

My readers, a pledge to you today: I have been a grandmother for a year now. I’m thrilled to be a grandparent, as you no doubt have gathered. But the time has come to stop

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now and then

One year old today. Baby buddha after his bath One year ago … May 20 2012 – his mother’s patriotic tummy May 21 2012 – where the @#$# am I – and why?

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Save the CBC – a petition

I’ve recently donated $100 to the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. They’re battling right now to save the independence of the CBC from an insidious bill put forward by Harper, which would allow the government to

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opening up the new room

Bushed. But happy bushed, on this beautiful Victoria Day weekend. Much of Toronto has decamped to the cottage, to sit by the lake and listen to the loons. Or, just as likely, the cottage next

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Hilary Mantel on memoir

There’s a fun interview with the esteemed Hilary Mantel in the NYT today. Here is what she has to say about memoir: In addition to your novels, you’ve also written a memoir. What makes a

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more coffee!

This morning, lots of energy, with fresh, delicious caffeine circulating in my blood and brain. Several people have written in support of my coffee habit. Best of all, Bruce (who’s in Amsterdam, standing in ecstasy

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Yuck – spam

Readers, there’s a relentless new spamming entity out there, and now my blog posts are being showered with hideously ungrammatical comments. I was just checking around, and for some reason, even posts from years ago

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not so springy

Ever since my brief but intense encounter with cocaine, in 1976, I have been forced to acknowledge the addictive side of my personality. Today, that aspect came once again to the fore. A few days

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