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a “Jewish Shakespeare” fan

My student Janet just sent me this, and I am, to use the great Yiddish word, kvelling. Which means revelling in praise. And yikhes, for those of you who haven’t read the book – shame

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costume consultant

Snow in New York today, and here in arctic Canada, mild and sunny … there is justice in the world. Again, I meant to go to my yoga class but just couldn’t shut myself inside

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the hermit muses

Okay, confession: I have been nagging my students to go to the International Festival of Authors, a spectacular event here this week at Harbourfront, the best writer’s festival in the world. For years, I’ve attended

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Here’s a story of what it is to be a true gentleman and friend: Tonight, W*son and I were invited to dine at an upscale Italian restaurant as the guests of Ben, a dear friend

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trees, colour, Chagall

So busy, I’m getting behind here. Busy doing what? Not sure, but time vanishes. I try to imagine what it would be like to be bored and can’t. Not in this life. Friend Patsy is

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Canadian wildlife

Just back from a brief jogette to the Farm and back. While there, I stood by the big pond at the bottom, watching the mallard couple swimming through the chilly green scum. A woman and

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Jon’s team on Israel and Palestine

Those brilliant folks at the Daily Show have come up with a great comic riff on the Arab-Israeli dispute. Surely it’s not possible to be amusing about something so devastating – God knows, we are

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A glorious house in the heart of downtown Toronto: AVAILABLE FOR RENT LAST TWO WEEKS OF MARCH THROUGH APRIL. SIX WEEKS, or part thereof. I’m planning my next escape – very predictable, this traveller, as

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Spent the entire morning with my handyman friend John, winterizing. A new verb – to winterize. That is, sealing windows, finding a place indoors for many plants, squeezing garden furniture into the shed, turning off

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I’m with the 99% – at home

Those poor protestors – I gather from watching CP24 that a thousand or more have gathered downtown to protest corruption, inequality and “global greed;” it’s a cold day, and a cold rain has just started.

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