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6 p.m. later that same day, and what a day … Stunning outside, 9 degrees, hot sun. Apparently last year on this very day, it was 19 degrees, and a week later it was minus 12. They call this “false spring,” but, false though it may be, all of Toronto was outside enjoying it. I took the Queen streetcar across town, and the driver told me that all the routes were far behind schedule because of the traffic on roads and sidewalks. Queen Street was jam-packed with happy citizens, basking.

I went to the launch of Laurel Croza’s book I Know Here, held at Type Books, a marvellous bookstore on Queen West. Their subterranean space was also jam-packed with Laurel’s friends and family, and the illustrator Matt James’s as well. As I mentioned, Laurel first wrote the story in my Ryerson class; I’m very proud of what she has accomplished. Her husband Mike told me that she had always loved writing, but it was when she got very ill and recovered that she decided life was too short, she’d better get on with it, and registered at Ryerson. And there she was, signing away. When it came time for thanks, after her loved ones and the publisher, she said she’d also like to thank “a special friend, mentor and teacher, who taught me everything I know,” and that was me. Tears in my eyes – though it’s nonsense, all I did was get her launched and tell her how good she was, and keep telling her when she forgot.
I walked along Queen Street West afterwards, amazed at the crowds, the incredibly trendy stores and people. Toronto takes a back seat to no city, at least this section of it, in terms of modern style. I stopped at the Healthy Butcher, which I’ve heard about but never visited, and bought some pork which they guarantee was raised and butchered humanely. I haven’t had pork for months; am looking forward to tomorrow.
Tomorrow and Monday, it’ll be even warmer, and then they think winter will come back. It’s bizarre, all this. But heavenly.



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