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One of the pleasures of Twitter – and I know, it’s not often someone writes that, especially these days – is when your neighbours write about the same thing at the same time, as it happens. Toronto is enjoying an apocalyptic snow event – 20 to 30 centimetres expected, just started an hour ago – accompanied by thunder and lightning. A sudden crack, a flash, and the snowscape is illuminated in brilliant light. And then darkness again. I’ve never known a snowstorm to be accompanied by lightning. It’s known on Twitter as #thundersnow. People are posting videos. 

How glad and grateful I am to be sitting by the fire watching The Nature of Things, with nowhere to be except here, and, soon, bed. Big lights going by – not lightning now, but the plow. 

My son came over today. Have to say, he looks pretty bad. He did have a concussion; doctors are checking on him regularly by Zoom. He isn’t sleeping well, both his head and his wrist hurt. It truly sucks that this accident happened on the day he was about to start work. Cut him some slack, universe, will you please? 

Another crack and flash.

My excitement of the week – I bought a pair of Blundstones and now know I’ve entered a sacred brotherhood of fans. People wear these for decades. I needed a pair of comfortable boots for Paris that could take me through possible rain and cold and the Louvre. These are the ones. To celebrate, I even tried them with a skirt. Haven’t worn a skirt since 1977. Maybe it’s time to discover my legs again. I was voted Best Legs in school in 1964. Will Blundstones help me reveal them once more? Stay tuned. 

If you want proof that Fox “News” viewers are lunatics, here it is. This is not a joke, unfortunately. Yep, that’s us, godless victims with Stalin-lite Trudeau at the helm. Come save us, America! (Just to clarify, someone posted this on FB. I was not watching this vile station.)



2 Responses to “#thundersnow”

  1. country mouse says:

    Never mind the Blundstones -which I've worn for years – it's those tights I have to find!!!

  2. beth says:

    Country mouse, one warm pair is from Hue, but I have several, am not sure which one is in the picture. I am always cold, which is why I'm not usually in skirts. But maybe my Blundstone's will change that.

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