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boithday, Bethday

First – just talked to a very nice man called Bruce from Bell engineering – and we have an appointment for next Thursday! Progress. Amazing. Stay tuned. Then, birthday wishes are flooding in. Friend Suzette,

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when I’m no longer 64

It’s 8 a.m. and I’ve had my first (bitter) laugh of the day – Bruce just sent this wonderfulness: And just because that didn’t provide enough frustration, I called Bell again – half an

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Hot continues. Today Anna had a meeting with her lawyer, so we met downtown and I took Eli to CBC’s kids day. On my way, I passed Ben McNally’s beautiful bookstore. Ben is a Toronto

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my sentiments exactly

How can you tell I’m stuck inside because of the heat and hanging around FB? Reading about Cecil the lion. Now, this is my idea of a wonderful woman. Wish I’d known her. Sherri Ingrey‎W.A.S.H

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at the beach

Yesterday, heaven – a bike ride with Jean-Marc and Richard to get the 5.30 ferry and then to Hanlan’s beach. We swam in the lake, we ate a delicious gourmet meal, we walked and swam

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the better Bell battle

It will be fun to share with all of you the details of my battle with Bell – fun for me, that is, if not for you – and of course, good to let Bell

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joy in human beings

 A student just wrote to ask if I’d work with her privately on her writing. She concluded: I would very much love to work with you as I admire not just your teaching ability but

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Robin Phillips, R.I.P.

While he was here this past weekend, Edgar my ex learned that Robin Phillips, one of his best friends and colleagues, former Stratford Artistic Director, had died on Saturday July 25. Almost 30 years ago,

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all you need

8.30 a.m. Sunday morning, quiet and fragrant and blessed. The garden is moving into its mauve period – phlox, rose of Sharon, lavender – with a pop of yellow rudbeckia, the white balloons of hydrangea

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