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Small Print Toronto, Us/Them

Was just at a grand local event, down the street at the Daniels Spectrum, organized by a wonderful organization called Small Print Toronto, which organizes creative and literary events for kids. This was about building a city for cats and mice. Eli, Ben, and their friend Kyla built assiduously. I’ve already written to this group, offering my services. I have no time – but what they do is important.

Anna, Eli and Kyla building, along with lots of others. Anna made a little house she called “Affordable housing for kitties.”

 Eli’s airplane.

The collectively built town. Someone made a hospital with a helicopter on top, and someone else a spa with lounge chairs and pool.

It’s a beautiful Sunday, cold but very sunny. We went after to the boys’ favourite playground where they rollicked in the snow.

And then to Wendy’s next door for a fast food lunch – sometimes, I confess, the easiest solution for feeding kids. I had their new plantburger – indistinguishable from meat. With enough ketchup, mind you, anything is indistinguishable from meat.

On Friday, to the theatre with Robin, who was given free tickets to Us/Them, by a Belgian company. It’s a re-imagining of a horrendous event, a hostage taking by Chechyans in which hundreds of people died, and is told from a child’s POV. Also aimed at kids. Beautifully done.

And – my upcoming trip to Europe has completely changed. No more Venice, Vienna, Budapest with Bruce, cancelled because of Covid-19 – what to do with my 3-week ticket? Now I’m spending a week in Paris with Lynn, as before, (where, I just learned, the Louvre is closed) but then I’ll go home to Montpellier with her and stay with her and Denis for the next 2 weeks. I don’t know how they’ll put up with me in their one bedroom apartment, but Lynn says I can sleep on a mattress in her office. Two weeks in Montpellier is nothing to sneeze at. There will be cheese. Lucky moi.



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