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Oprah, beautiful young people, sick old people

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick. It’s the kind of state where nothing else matters, just getting through. Advil is getting me through. I’m now waiting for my doctor’s office to open at 9, hope to see her or someone there later today. Lynn just wrote reassuringly that stomach cancer affects mostly men, not healthy women with a good diet. Jean-Marc came over yesterday with a bag of supplies – soup, dahl, freshly made trail mix. The face of kindness, that man. I love my friends. I think I will have to cancel the class I teach at noon today but have left it up in the air for now. 

I’m sorry, this must be very dull, this self-pitying litany. But it’s all I’m capable of. Oh, though I did watch Oprah last night. I think those are two very nice young people, and gorgeous too, both of them. The Palace did not come off well. But as always, Americans are entirely uninterested in history or context. British civilization is many centuries old; of course there are traditions incomprehensible to people from newer cultures that specialize in breaking boundaries. I thought the interview must have been torture for Harry, not just British but royal, raised with a list of do’s and don’ts a mile long – surely the greatest don’t is about airing dirty family linen in public. I understand Meghan trying to clear the air, but I wondered at what cost to Harry, to his relations with his family. They certainly won’t be easier to mend now. I felt for him. 

Stay healthy. Sending love. 

PS Just spoke to my doctor’s office. She can give me a telephone appointment on Wednesday afternoon. Or else I should call the after hours clinic tonight. I said, there are other illnesses besides Covid – it’s shocking that there isn’t a single doctor available to see patients. She said, We have a protocol we have to follow.

Yes. Protocol. That’s exactly what the Oprah interview was about, that led Meghan to madness. 

Jean-Marc tells me his doctor’s office will see people; if your own doctor isn’t available you can see someone else. My doctor isn’t even in town, is not answering emails. I’ve a prescription that needs to be renewed and she’s unavailable. It’s a clinic with 3 family doctors, none available. I feel abandoned by my doctor. What about people with sick children? The receptionist said I should go to Emerg. Just where a sick 70-year old wants to be, sitting in Emerg with Mr. and Mrs. Covid. 

Later. Okay, I have an appointment at a walk-in clinic tmw morning. Jean-Marc is making me a salad. Robin will do a run to Shoppers. The sun is coming out. And my friend and student Brad has a wonderful essay in today’s Globe – he wrote it for our class. Enjoy. Now to get ready to teach. As Shania Twain says, I clean up good. I hope.

And more good news – my Covid test was negative. Not a surprise, but welcome nonetheless.

And my new friend Trevor just wrote from Denmark, “If you can cycle 10 blocks for a Covid test you’re not at death’s door.” TRUE!



2 Responses to “Oprah, beautiful young people, sick old people”

  1. theresa says:

    Let's hope this will be a better week! (And whew, about the Covid test…) Sending love.

  2. beth says:

    Thanks, Theresa, I'm hoping for a better week too, for sure.

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