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hooray for Michael Coren

My friend Richard just sent me a link to an article by Michael Coren. I’ve written about him before – previously an intolerant, right-wing blowhard, and now – well, here is my note to him, after reading this heartening article:
Michael, your conversion was so startling and so spectacular, I thought you must have a family member, one of your children or a sibling or at the very least a very close friend who came out to you and forced you to see the brutal intolerance of your and the church’s position. The fact that it was simply human decency that brought you around brings much hope. It reminds me of the extraordinary story of the young women who left the Westboro Baptist Church. 

Let us hope many more follow your path to tolerance, openness and kindness.
He sent back his thanks and spoke about the hate mail he and his family have received. Horrifying.
On a happier note, here, for your viewing pleasure, the children of Downton, twin Georges and a Sibby:
Such heaven on Sunday, the best show yet, exquisite, so rich and full and glorious. Yes, no question, Julian Fellowes is rushing to tie up all the story arcs; for Mary to get married so quickly after holding out for most of the series – hmmm. Her rejected beau just happened to have the license and she just happened to have an ivory wedding-type dress in her tiny wardrobe? No matter. And what we had foreseen for Barrow came to pass, no surprise there. 
But all of it is just so much fun, so beautifully done. The classroom scenes – only a few minutes, yet every detail, even the children’s faces, not to mention desks, costumes, props – perfect. Delicious.
Last night I watched Samantha Bee’s new show, Full Frontal, for the second time. Sometimes on the Daily Show, Sam was a bit silly and profane, but I love her solo show, full of heart and courage. She actually went to a refugee camp in Jordan and manages to make us and the refugees laugh, even while making powerful points about the injustice of what’s happening in the world. Brava, Sam. 
And the winter continues pretty mild. No complaints here.



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